Friday, December 24, 2010



Stop saying "awesome" until 2012.  I don't say it more than most but struggle to come up with alternatives.  Which is ridiculous in the Age Of The Superlative.

Blog more often.  Sometimes I feel like I am out of opinions but it's more the case that I haven't really been engaging my brain lately.  I need to read more and socialise more.  I will still refuse to stress myself out about this blog.  It will still be something I do only when I am inspired.

Write a web series.  And maybe short stories.  I have problems with story lining.  And getting started.  But not with coming up with a hundred reasons why something won't work or why it'll be crap.  Have to stop fantasising about getting on a writing team for a TV series (and learning on the job) because I'm pretty sure you have to have written something other than a blog to get hooked up with that kind of sweet deal.

Fix my lower back pain with yoga and professional massages.

Halve my debt.  No concrete ideas on how I am going to do this just yet but will work harder on not having gaps in between employment, bringing lunch from home, supermarket shopping more, stuff like that.

Fight for a better world.  A more conscious, meaningful and understanding one.  Not let the bastards get me down.  Fuck the naysayers!  Stand up for the underdogs.  To still be me, just a better version of me.  To make sure that I am spreading love more than anger.  To suffer fools (marginally) more.

That's me for 2010.  Off to Ocean Beach tomorrow where there is no internet or cellphone coverage.  Thank you to those who actually read my blog.  To those who bother to comment, subscribe or are visibly following - it means more to me than I can say.


  1. AWESOME post Angeline. Honest and open and gives us an insight into what lies within.

    Many churs. oh, and Merry Christmas xx

  2. Thanks, bro! Your support in particular for both blogs has been amazing and unparalleled! And kept me going when I didn't think anyone else really gave a shit.

  3. "Awsome" goals Angeline (hehe), however the one "to suffer fools more" I doubt you will ever achieve. Life is too short and precious to waste on foolish people:)

  4. I hear you but, as I have also resolved to socialise more, it is inevitable. Also, the plan is to give more people the benefit of the doubt for as long as it takes them to further destroy my faith in humanity :)